One Step Closer

It took reordering blotter paper three times before I was finally able to try flattening out my dad’s army group photos. The smaller of the two photos has the names of the soldiers in the photo on the back.


I got a Tupperware container out because of the tight seal, and found a smaller plastic container that would hold water to place inside. I added warm water to the small bowl and set it inside the Tupperware with the 2 separate rolled up photos and waited. I checked them every couple of hours and could feel the paper backing starting to become less brittle.


After about six hours I found I could unroll the photos without them wanting to bend. I folded the blotter paper in half to make a folder and carefully inserted the photos into the homemade folder. I grabbed some heavy books to help flatten out the photos and I now have them resting on the counter.


Tomorrow I should be able to scan them in and share them.

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