All I Want for Christmas

Every year we ask Santa to break down our brick walls and deliver to us those pesky relatives hidden behind. Well this year Santa got the memo. Of course all this then did was uncover more brick walls, but who is complaining.


This year for Christmas I got the parents of my paternal great grandmother. I also got her great grandparents, great-great grandparents and great-great-great grandparents. Included in the package were her brother and his daughter that made the link originally. The email message was waiting for me in my message box on from a distant cousin.


I now know that the parents of Clemence Mary Defruytier are Bruno and Adela Sophia Decock Defruytier. I know her brother is Jules, who had married Clémentine Josèphe Lebrun, they had a daughter named Zoé. Zoé wrote the letter that my aunt had, that I had translated from French to English. Bruno’s parents were Pétrus and Victoria Coorevits Defruytier. Pétrus’ parents were Joannès and Angélique Ronsse Defruytier. This information takes me back to 1735. There is a lot more to discover, but this is definitely a favorite present for this year.


I am anxious to take another look at the pictures that my aunt has of the family and see what notes are written on the back to give me more clues to the extended members. There are still names that haven’t as yet been entered in the correct places, but this is a great start.

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