Google Again

It was time to update my genealogy web site again. It has been almost 2 years since I have updated the information and much of it has changed and expanded. I still use the Ged4Web program to build my 5,455 pages and had to relearn how I had customized the pages. As long as I was going to create and upload new pages I decided to add one more feature to the pages from Google.


I have been using Google to translate pages that contain information on my European relatives. Even if the translation isn’t completely correct in its sentence structure, it is close enough to get a general idea of what is being offered. Google now has code that can be added to your pages that allow visitors to automatically translate your web site into one of 50 languages automatically, instead of having to go to Google and enter the page information. It places a small drop down menu in the location that you choose. Once again Google has come up with yet another winning idea.

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